Tony "Eight" Camehl

  • Concept Artist
  • Germany, Bavaria

Creature Designer, Concept Artist & Animal Lover

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Since I was a kid I was always interested in creatures and aliens. I started sketching Pokémon monsters and after watching STAR WARS The Phantom Menace I became really passionate about extraterrestrial creatures.

After graduating from school I started studying business law but six months later I went back to art and began teaching myself how to create aliens from outer space.

Now 4 years after starting my art education it is time for me to take the next step and work as a Freelancer in the film and game industry.


Character Design at Acolyte Miniatures

09.02.2016 – Present

Creating 2d Character Design sketches for Acolyte Miniatures

Creature Design at Veronica Sicoe

01.01.2016 – 15.02.2016

Redesign of the Creature Amharr for the 3rd book cover by Veronica Sicoe

Character Design at Clint Thurmon

01.01.2016 – 28.02.2016

Character Design and Book Cover Design for the book SUPERI REVOLUTION.

Creature Concept Artist at unannounced

10.02.2015 Germany Bavaria

Creature Design and Concept for unannounced TV episode

Character Designer at Clint Thurmon

09.09.2015 – 20.11.2015

Character Design and overall Cover Book Design for the second book SUPERI RECLAIMED

Creature Designer at Veronica Sicoe

01.04.2015 – 23.04.2015

Working on an Alien Design for the Book Cover.

Character Design at Clint Thurmon

01.04.2015 – 31.05.2015

Character Design and overall Cover Book Design for the Book SUPERI
Also created the inside map for the book



Sculpting From The Imagionation: Zbrush

contributed some of my Creature Work to the book

Sketch A Dino Book

Sketch A Dnio

released my first book: Sketch A Dino in 2015

3dcreative magazine issue 114

Sketchbook article

alien/creature sketches for issue 114


Concept Artist at x

2012 – Present

Selt-taught in:

3D – Digital

  • ZBrush (prof.)
  • Keyshot (semi-prof.)
  • 3DsMax (semi-prof.)
  • Vue (beginner)

2D – Digital

  • Photoshop (semi-prof.)
  • Alchemy (semi-prof.)

2D – Traditionally

  • Pen and Pencil (prof.)
  • Ink (beginner)
  • Graphite (semi-prof.)
  • Pastel (beginner)


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